3 Reasons To Add Photo Booths At Your Events

Outdoor setting with palms, dried feathery leaves, chairs, lamps and a decorative gazebo with tassels and a photo booth in the center. Along with a mountainous background.

In our digital age, Selfies reign supreme. You might wonder then why the classic photo booth continues to capture our hearts and attention at events. The appeal of photo booths lies in the way they capture not just images, but memories of shared experiences. Let’s dive into the 3 reasons to add photo booths at […]

How Photo Booths can be fun With Props, GIFs, and Challenges

The delightful charm of photo booths is not just rooted in their historical appeal, it’s their ability to progress. Over time, they’ve adapted to new technologies and cultural changes. Their popularity is because of their ability to capture spontaneous, authentic moments in a fun and unique way. They are now more than just a photo […]